The Cliff Hanger

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Dartron is a leading manufacturer of park and portable model amusement rides. Dartron manufacturers several of the top money earning rides that are also some of the most affordable rides in the industry. When you purchase a ride from Dartron you can expect only the best.

Dartron rides can be seen at parks and carnivals around the world. Two top grossing Dartron rides are the Cliff Hanger and the Zero Gravity. Both include ride actions that have been very successful for over 30 years and will earn more money than many rides that cost twice as much.

Dartron portable rides are also very easy and fast to set up and take down. Park models are inexpensive to install often requiring no foundation work.

Some Dartron manuals are available at www.ridemanuals.com which is part of the Carnytown.com network.

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The Himalaya at the Westland Carnival

This is the Himalaya, an interesting ride made by Wisdom, and operated by ride operators of Wade Shows, Inc. This ride was part of the Westland Mall Carnival, located on Warren and Wayne Roads, in Westland, MI. This video was taken on June 14, 2009.
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Murphy Brothers Exposition – Cliff Hanger

Murphy Brothers Exposition presents the Cliff Hanger. For more information, check us out online at www.murphybrothersexposition.com
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Zero Gravity St Matthias Carnival 2010

A Dartron Zero Gravity ride at the 2010 St Matthias Carnival in Somerset, NJ. It’s basically a newer version of the Round Up. This piece is owned by Amusements of America. Song is ‘Flip Top’ by Nu:Tone

Hurricane Carnival Ride

Hurricane Carnival Ride at the Carnival night of AJ2010


Well we all know this ride known as the HURRICANE, but it was renamed VORTEX. I don’t care if it’s named HURRICANE or VORTEX, I love this ride anyways. This video was filmed at the Clallam County Fairgrounds in Port Angeles, Washington on 8/17/07. Almost 60 miles away from Forks.

Zero Gravity POV (daytime)

WCA owned Dartron Zero Gravity located in Abbotsford at a temporary carnival.
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